What is a facing?

Do you want beautiful white teeth, get rid of a gap between your teeth, or perhaps want to fix a broken tooth? Using a so-called facing, dentists can improve the look of your teeth.

A facing is a layer of tooth-coloured, composite filling material or a shield of porcelain. The dentist sticks the filling material on the tooth. That way he can change the form or colour of a tooth. He can also fill up gaps between teeth, fix broken-off tooth corners, make yellow or brown looking teeth white again and mask crooked teeth.

Facing afgebroken tanden

During a fall, two teeth broke off

Nog dezelfde dag zijn de tanden met composiet hersteld

That same day the teeth have been recovered using composite

How long will a facing last?

A facing lasts for about 5 to 10 years and sometimes even longer. Smoking and drinking a lot of coffee or tea helps the discolouring of your teeth. A facing can wear out or get damaged if you for example grit your teeth or bite your nails. The dentist can always repair or replace a worn out or damaged facing. This treatment doesn’t damage the tooth itself.


The teeth are discoloured and aren’t lined up well


The composite facing improved both the colour as well as the stance of the teeth

What material are facings made of?

A facing is made of composite or porcelain. A composite facing generally requires less grinding of the teeth to be able to place it. The result is also better predictable and the costs are way lower than that of a porcelain facing. The benefit of a porcelain facing is that it is less sensitive to corrosion of the surface.

Of what does the facing treatment consist?

Applying a facing happens in a few steps. A composite facing is applied by the dentist in one treatment. A porcelain facing is made in a dental laboratory, therefore you will have to visit the dentist at least twice.

The steps of a treatment for a composite facing

Choosing the colour

Facing kleur bepalenFirst the dentist chooses the right colour of your facing after discussing it with you. The dentist can show you the effect of the desired colour immediately. He has multiple colours to his disposal that he can mix to make your ideal colour. You can compare them by blending different types of paint.

Grinding the tooth

Facing ongeslepen tandIf it seems necessary, the dentist will grind a very small layer off of your tooth. By doing that he creates space for the facing. If he doesn’t do this, your tooth will become a little bit bigger.

Sticking on the facing

Vastplakken van facingBefore the dentist sticks the composite to your tooth, he will first treat your tooth with a type of acid. He will also apply an attachment layer on which he will then apply the still soft composite.

Forming the facing

Facing in vorm brengenAfter the dentists applied the composite to your tooth, he will globally change the material in the right form. He then uses a blue light to shine on the composite if the desired form has been reached. By doing so he hardens the composite. And lastly he grinds the composite in the desired form and polishes the surface. Then the facing is finished. If you aren’t okay with the form or colour of the facing, the dentist can correct it immediately after grinding off a little layer of composite.

The steps of a treatment for a porcelain facing

Choosing the colour

During the first treatment, the dentist determines the colour of the facing after discussing it with you. He makes use of a coloursteel to do so. Your facing will then be created in that colour at the dental laboratory.

Grinding the tooth

When using a porcelain facing, the dentist will almost always have to grind away a layer of glaze. This is because a porcelain facing must always be at least half a millimetre thick.

Forming the facing

The dentist makes a print of your tooth which he will then send to the dental laboratory. There they will create your facing in the desired form.

Sticking on the facing

During the second treatment, the dentist will apply your facing. Before the dentist sticks the facing to your tooth, he will treat your tooth with a type of acid. He will also apply an attachment layer on which he will then stick the facing. If you are not satisfied with the form or colour of the facing, a new facing must be made at the dental laboratory.

How does a facing feel?

A facing feels just like a normal tooth. You might need to get used to it at first. You might experience some trouble with speaking if your teeth have been made longer. If the dentist greatly altered the shape of your teeth, sounds you make may be distorted to some degree. That will go away by itself in a few days.

Can you eat everything with a facing?

Yes you can eat everything with a facing. However you shouldn’t bite on hard objects such as hard candy, your nails or a pen. Tearing off a piece of tape with your teeth is also ill-advised.

Does a facing require extra maintenance?

No a facing doesn’t require extra maintenance. You should however always keep your teeth clean as usual. Brush your teeth with a soft toothbrush. Regularly floss so that you clean in between your teeth as well.

How much does a facing cost?

The costs of facing depends partially on the material that the dentist uses. A composite facing is way cheaper than a porcelain one. This difference in price is mainly caused by the costs of the dental laboratory. The dentist can give you more information on how much the treatment will cost.


The warranty against breaking and damaging of facings in our practice is 1 month. The cost of repairs after that period is €100,00 per facing.

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